Top 5 Finish at Langley Speedway

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 by Administrator


(6-25-13) - Cale and the #47 TAIT Stages on AXSTV team had a solid weekend at Langley Speedway for the "Visit Hamapton 175."  Cale's team gave him a great car as he was up front in both of the practice sessions on Saturday afternoon.  In the first session he was 2nd quick and then in the last session he was the fastest overall between both practices.

Just as qualifying was set to begin a rain shower quickly covered the track.  The qualifying session was delayed for a while and then after a few hours of track drying the drivers were set to qualify when another shower hit the track again.  Afterwards, the track officials finally made the call that qualifying would be cancelled and the cars would line up based on points for the year.

Cale and the team were a bit disappointed as they thought there was a good chance they would win the pole-qualifying award.  Cale ended up starting in the 13th position, which was a tough place to start on the .4-mile track.  After juts a few laps Cale had worked his way up to the 9th position where he settled in for several laps.

After several cautions late in the race Cale found himself in the 4th position with a moderately damaged racecar.  Cale and the team decided the damage wasn't bad enough to warrant a trip to pit road.  Cale battled with fellow K&N competitor Jesse Little for 3rd place in the closing laps.  Cale made several attempts to pass on the outside, but Little held his ground and Cale brought the #47 TAIT Stages on AXSTV Toyota home in 4th place.

The next race will be at Columbus Motor Speedway on Saturday July 13th.  Cale is the defending race winner from this event last year in 2012.

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